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Our tuna meal and crude tuna oil products


Tuna meal is dried tuna fish that is used as supplement feed for farmed fish, pigs, ducks and poultry – rich in protein, minerals and vitamins.

The main ingredient for our tuna meal is coming from non cooked yellowfin tuna waste generated at the United Seafood Packers Joint-stock company www.uspc.com.vn frozen tuna products processing plant.

In order to ensure top quality products, we impose a strict method of preservation in which our tuna waste is stored in chilled preservation tanks to absolutely ensure that no degradation has occurred during the storage time before delivery to our fishmeal factory.

Both our tuna meal and crude tuna oil processing methods follow a strict production process, as such our tuna meal and crude tuna oil products are supplied to customers with quality control certificates issued by SGS Vietnam.



Crude Tuna oil min 25% DHA

Products Infomation

Crude Yellowfin Tuna oil specification


Crude Yellowfin Tuna oil

FFA content

Max 2%

Acid Value

Max 4%

Peroxide Value (POV)

Max 5 meq 02/kg

P-Anisidine Value

Max 40

Iodine Value

Min 175 gl2/100g

Unsaponifiable matter

Max 2.5%


Min 30%




Max 0.35%


Tuna oil is stored in metal drums 194 kgs


Price: $

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